“Not many will understand your difficulties in daily living (even the basics)!”

Sharing some Information and Thoughts on Head and Brain Injury

“Not many will understand your difficulties in daily living (even the basics)!”

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“because you look ‘normal'”





craig 95 younger“We share what we know, so that we all may grow.”
“Knowledge is the gateway to understanding…and understanding is the gateway to a better life.”

Shining a light of hope in the darkest corners
Helping promote better understanding and awareness of what is often termed “The Silent Epidemic” (and/or “The Hidden Handicap”)
“Inform, educate, inspire”

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“Compare it (your head) to a jelly in a bowl. The bowl is the skull – a strong, protective container – and the jelly (the brain) is nestled within. …”

YOU can be a champion of hope to others

Living with Brain Injury with Jeff Sebell

Living With Head (Brain) Injury

Jeffrey Sebell, author of ‘Learning to Live with Yourself After Brain Injury’ discusses living a fulfilled life after Brain Injury



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“We share what we know, so that we all may grow.”

just “popped up” somewhere on one of my Youtube channels # , whilst trying to find a video (amongst the “chaos), so thought I’d share

# (“me tinks”  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNFCI-gLGKxQCXZErDvYHzw

… or perhaps https://studio.youtube.com/channel/UC0u-2k_AIAL75XrAmQl_mVg/videos?d=ud  ??

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I/m definitely NOT spending my days cleaning and house-keeping (“You just do what you want to do, c… but then you make an even bigger mess, if I ask you to do anything!”


No wonder then I’m “safest” and happiest just writing and sharing!

‘I Should have been an Argentinian football star/legend -instead of a ‘writer’ (“aspiring/perspiring”??), as I say to…

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“I do not bewail what I have lost,because I am at peace with myself…”

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI

“I do not bewail what I have lost, because I am at peace with myself.

I have fought a hard battle, given it my best, and won far more that I or anyone else ever thought I would. I ask only that other brain damaged people be given the chance to fight their battles too, and to find out for themselves what their unique potential is.”


from a Google search (to rescue me from “sheer utter chaos”). Thanks “BIG G”
and by that, I mean God… rather than Google!


“We share what we know, so that we all may grow.”




Sharing, supporting, informing, enlightening, “entertaining”(??), encouraging, empowering, enriching, challenging, igniting, uplifting (and perhaps even) inspiring

(enough there for now, c)

“Knowledge is the gateway to understanding…and understanding is the gateway to…

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“One must first of all endure.”

Live to reach your full potential by sustaining your positive mental attitude

Here was a light behind the despair…

“I may not be able to do ordinary things (many-well), but I can still attempt (and even do/accomplish) extraordinary things.”

"I may not be able to do ordinary things (many-well), but I can still attempt (and even do/accomplish) extraordinary things." http://www.traumaticbraininjury.wordpress.com http://www.headbraininjury.wordpress.com picture from https://itsnotthemountainbutourselves.wordpress.com/ and http://www.beyondboundarieslimits.wordpress.com

You’re never going to believe this!!

From The Darkness Into The Light

My dear Blogger friends,

I was going to write this in the morning or afternoon today but even with my left eye hurting, I will try to share my stupidity.

I dyed my hair red as usual even if I turned 65 today.

As usual, I had red all over my forehead and decided to clean it it up with acetone.

I have a round container with nail polish remover and I took my bottle out and put it on the bathroom sink. I  took a  cotton ball, put it in the nail color remover and… forgot that the sponge inside the container is loose I quickly took the cotton out of the container with the sponge and all and drenched my left eye with the acetone. The pain was intense so much so that I screamed in pain, Toby went on the internet and told me I have to…

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